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Aggie Fish Camp Counselors 2013-06-08

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Aggie Ring Day 2011-09-16

Hayes' Graduation of University of Houston 2011-05-13

Aggie Ring Day 2010-09-17

Congratulations Lesia

(Lesia is on the far right)

Here are a couple of old photos.

These were taken back when the Cowboys were the Cowboys. ( Yes, we have already taken the stadium tour.)

Open the garage door before you put the car in reverse.

My brother Paul's daughters Alyssa and Laura

Congratulations to Alex Fejer
for being accepted to
Texas A&M University and
University of Texas @ Austin

(Yes, the boys had dates. Stay tuned.) Check out my son Alex in the white jacket. See link below for the rest of the shots.

Times Square: March 8, 2007

(Could not make up my mind.)

Times Square: March 7, 2007

Meet our new addition: "Duke."

March 2006

August 1999
(Gosh, look what 7 years of children has done to Doug's hair.)

Austin, Texas - Early January 2006 following the Rose Bowl victory

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Doug's first, old and outdated Home Page - including some family history

See also Doug's Roots in the US (yes, mom and dad were legal immigrants - and they made us speak English)



Family Photos
Favorite Photo #1
Favorite Photo #2
Favorite Photo #3
Favorite Photo #4
Favorite Photo #5
Favorite Photo #6
Favorite Photo #7
Favorite Photo #8

Favorite Photo #9

Favorite Photo #10

Annual Christmas Eve Portrait  1997 - 2011

Alex Fejer Graduation from Texas A&M University - 2011-12-16

Aggie Ring Day - 2011-09-16

Hayes Persons Graduation from the University of Houston 2011-05-13

Christmas Eve 2010-12-24

Hayes Persons 21st Birthday 2010-11-12

Aggie Ring Day - 2010-09-17

New Keeshond Puppy Priscilla  2010-07-24

Annual Christmas Eve Portrait  1997 - 2009

Thanksgiving 2009-11-26

Plano West Graduation 2009-06-08

New Year's Day 2009 with Susan and John Tiholiz

2008-10-11 Lesia and Plano West Homecoming

2008-05-17 Lesia and Plano West Prom

2008-04-19 Alex's 19th Birthday (and Doug's b/d too)

2008 Aggie Parents Weekend 2008-04-12+13

Annual Christmas Eve Portrait  1997 - 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

In Memory of Kareem Bacchus 1900 - 2007

Moving Alex to Texas A&M 2007-08-19

2007 Trip to Michigan 2007-08-13

Camp Sweeney 2007

2007 Plano West Prom - 2007-04-28

2007 Super Bowl 2007-02-04 (Colts vs. Bares)

"Dear Rachel" Concert 2006-08-13

Camp Sweeney 2006

"Dear Rachel" "Across the Street Bar" 2006-06-10

"Dear Rachel" Concert 2006-05-20

"Dear Rachel" Concert 2006-04-01

February 5, 2006 Super Bowl Sunday

January 28, 2006 Squirrel, Charley and Jeremey

January 2006 UT Austin Tower

Camp Sweeney Winter Session 2005

Christmas Eve 2005

Alex: Plano West Homecoming  November 05, 2005

Lesia: Greenhill Homecoming and Chuck's Birthday October 29, 2005

Alex at Camp Sweeney 2005

Crohn's and Colitis Fundraiser - March 27, 2004

Christmas Eve 2003

Thanksgiving 2003 in Michigan

New Year's Eve Bash at Suzanne's 2002-2003

10-26-02 Plano West Homecoming - Patrick Fodell visit to Dallas

07-04-02 Fourth of July at the Harries' House

05-24-02 Akhil Kara's Graduation from St. Mark's

Brenda Hight Small World Story

Christmas 2001

Flat Sheila's Trip to Dallas 12-01-01

Thanksgiving 2001

WWII Bombers @ Cavanaugh Flight Museum-April 14, 15, 2001
New House Jan 6, 2001
Lesia's Christmas Snake
Christmas 2000
Thanksgiving 2000
New Year's Eve Bash at Suzanne's 1999-2000
Christmas Eve 1999
Christmas Day 1999


Doug's Soccer Web Pages

FC Dallas Youth (Lesia's U-17 Team)

Texans 91 Girls North White Soccer Photo Page (Lesia's U-15 and U-16 Team)

91 Plano Labor Day Finals - FC Texas 91 v ESC

Spartak Indoor Soccer Photo Page

Inter Black 91 2005 Memorial Day Tournament Soccer Photo Page

Longhorns Soccer Photo Page (Lesia's U-14 Team)

Dallas Texans-West Photo Page (Lesia's U-12, U-13 Team)

Lake Highlands High v JJ Pearce:  April 5, 2005

University of Dallas - Women's Soccer

Misc. Dallas Texans Teams (Including 2007 games at Nationals in Frisco, TX)

Corinthians Photo Page


91 Andromeda (Lesia's U-11 team)
91 Andromeda eteamz
Texas Odyssey
Spirit Soccer Photo Page
The Storm 91
Wave 91 Indoor Soccer
USA National Team
Twisters 91-Inwood
Anatoliy's Titans
Comets 92
FC Dallas 89 Girls
Hornets 91 Girls Indoor Soccer
Samba 91 Girls Indoor Soccer
Hornets Co-ed Indoor Soccer
Hornets Girls Outdoor Soccer - Spring 2000 Edition
Hornets Girls Outdoor Soccer (pre-spring 99 photos)
Storm Green 86 Soccer Photo Page
FC Dallas 88 Boys Soccer Photos
Sting Soccer Photo Page
D'Feeters Soccer Photo Page
Longhorns Soccer Photo Page

Inter White Anatoliy's new team

Club Dallas at the Dallas Cup

Doug's Dallas Cup Photos



Vacation Photos

2010/2011 Christmas Break in Orlando (Disney-Universal)

2010 June Trip to Michigan

2010 Spring Break in Orlando (Disney)

2009/2010 Christmas Break in Orlando (Disney)

2009 Spring Break in Orlando (Universal, Sea World, Disney)

2007 Spring Break in New York City (another trip to the Statute of Liberty)

2006 Spring Break in New York City

2005 Trip to Orlando (Universal and Sea World)

August 2004 Trip to Michigan

2004 Trip to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, etc.

2003 Trip to Disney World, etc.

2002 Greenhill 8th Grade Ski Trip

2001 Spring Break Vacation to DisneyWorld

2000 Summer Vacation to DisneyWorld

Statue of Liberty Photos-August 15, 1949 to August 15, 1999     (includes a couple nice photos of the World Trade Center)

1999 Summer Vacation Disney World, et al.  

1998 Summer Vacation Disney World, Tae Kwon Do Nationals, et al.  

Doug's 1990 Trip to Eastern Europe





Family Law Photos

2012-08-29 Reception for Judge Ben Smith

2012-08-13 Reception for State Senator John Corona

2012 Advanced Family Law Course - Houston, TX

2012 TAFLS Trial Institute - Las Vegas, NV

2012-01-11 Fundraiser for Jody Johnson for Judge Campaign

2011 Advanced Family Law Course - San Antonio, TX

2011-05-12 Koons Fuller Open House

2011-05-05 Cinco de Mayo - Pfister, Borserine & Associates Open House

2010 Advanced Family Law Course - San Antonio, TX

2010-07-20 Splitzville Sluggers - Softball Game

2010-07-13 Splitzville Sluggers - Softball Game

2010-02-17 Pfister, Borserine and Associates Meet and Greet Judges Collier and Roach

2010-01-28 Grier Raggio Reception with Congressman Steny Hoyer

2009-12-09 Party Honoring Judge David Hanschen

2009 Advanced Family Law Course - Dallas, TX

2009 Marriage Dissolution - Fort Worth, TX

2009 TAFLS Trial Institute - Tampa, FL

2008 Advanced Family Law Course - San Antonio, TX

2007 Advanced Family Law Course - San Antonio, TX

2006 Advanced Family Law Course - San Antonio, TX

Ron Massingill Party Honoring Judge Francis Harris 2006-05-25

2005 Advanced Family Law Course - Dallas, TX

Open House at Keane, Fowler & Donohue and Office of Peggy Pasquini -  March 31, 2005

Party at Kathryn Murphy's Home December 11, 2004

Party at Diana Friedman's  Home December 04, 2004

Mike DeBruin's 50th Birthday Feb. 20, 2004

TAFLS January 2004 in New Orleans

Party at Rick Robertson's house 12-20-03

2003 Advanced Family Law Seminar - San Antonio
(This may take a while as I forgot to bring the cord that connects my camera to the computer.)

03-21-03 Dinner at Charlie Hodges' house
10-10-02 New Frontiers Family Law Seminar
08-25-02 Party honoring Judge Marilea  Lewis Home of Diana Friedman)
2002 Advanced Family Law Course - Dallas, Texas
2001 Advanced Family Law Course - San Antonio, Texas
04-28-01 Dinner at Charlie Hodges' house
Brian Webb's 50th Birthday Party


Miscellaneous Photos

Senator John Cornyn Keynote Speaker at Dallas CPA Convergence 05-04-2012

Anna McCaffrey First Communion 2007-04-22

Dallas Sidekicks Half-Time Show 11-10-01

6-28-00: 2nd Roll of Photos with the New Camera
Doug's First Photos with his New Nikon F5
Anna McCaffrey's Christening - March 5, 2000
Akhil Kara's 16th Birthday Party

Really Weird Stuff

East Mecklenburg High School Class of 1980: 20 Year Reunion: August 25 & 26, 2000

East Mecklenburg High School Class of 1980: 20 Year Reunion Photo Page
(How did Beth talk me into this?)

East Mecklenburg Class of 1980 Email list.


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